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After I took exemplary care of public money (some thought 'too good'), as a civil servant in the French administration, they declared me mentally ill and dismissed me without compensation, unemployment or retirement benefits. The case went to Court, but the legal proceedings were corrupted. The Ministry wanted to confine me in a psychiatric institution in order to hide the case and justify the Minister’s letter. Courts didn’t revoke the dismissal despite the numerous documents not issued by the Ministry.

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I - Facts in a French administration department

As a civil servant working in a French administration department, I was demoted from positions where I was taking good care of French public money. The first time, I refused to help my superior in appropriating part of the budget for his own personal purposes (see document). The Second time I was (too!) efficient in the management of a purchasing department. I saved millions of euros (see doc). Assigned to the financial services department, I was demoted once more and my wages got lower. I was discriminated and bullied.

The hierarchy demoted me each time I was obviously right, in order to conceal the story and to protect the more senior managers' careers.

The Defense Minister's Head of Cabinet promised me a good position to compensate for the past demotions. He gave orders to the Human Resources department.

The Human Resources department saw me as a problem to be got rid of. The ministry applied pressure on my son, a pupil in a military high school in the Alps and under 18 years old at the time. The social worker of the school told my son that he couldn’t be excluded because he was a child but he should ensure I see a psychiatrist and be put on a sick leave, even commit me to a psychiatric asylum. My son’s schooling had no relationship with the difficulties faced by the Human resources department to find me a position as consequences of the repression. They sought to use my son’s position to have leverage over me ! In fact, this request came from the Ministry of Defence HR department through the occupational physician in Paris. I wanted to work and not to be on “imposed” psychiatric sick leave.

The Defense Minister's Head of Cabinet left the Minister. The minister declared then that I was mentally ill for 26 months. Without fixing an appointment or even seeing me, the occupational physician established illegitimate certificates. Other thoughtless and weak general practitioners from the same administration medical centre, without even having met me, agreed to take part in this matter and signed medical certificates for past periods (up to 8th months retrospectively). No psychiatrist thought I was insane. They all thought I was fine. The psychiatric from the ministry even wrote that I was not aggressive and bright. He added the only thing she wants is to get a non humiliating job.

Ex journalist and ex minister Françoise Giroud contacted the Prime Minister and this put an end at my compulsory psychiatric sick leave. My boss at the head of the financial department service and the occupational health physician had to leave. No more medical practitioners agreed to be part of the 'affair'.

But the Human Resource department wanted to hide the story and me to disappear from the civil services. So, they imposed me to work at a job location unsuitable with my spinal medical problems (see document). The position was also discriminative regarding my status and less valuable than the first job I had got 20 years earlier at my arrival at the Ministry. I asked for something more suitable instead, which I was legally entitled to do. My employee administration records and the psychiatrist from the ministry of Defense established that I was eager to work. Besides, the Defense Minister's Head of Cabinet had promised a good position to compensate for the previous problems (repression). In reality, the Office did not offer any alternative job. The director of Human Resources ruled on a medical situation without any doctor's agreement contrary to the regulation. All the personnel representatives refused to get involved in my dismissal. The decree declaring my dismissal is based on an agreement of personnel representatives which does not exist. It takes into account discriminative letters.

I have been dismissed without any unemployment allowance nor pension. I lost all my income. I was raising alone my children. I had to sell my flat to have a living. In France, you get a civil servant status for your life long.

II - French justice and French power

The case went to Courts but the legal proceedings were corrupted.

Influencing letters containing false statements and signed by the head of the cabinet, and the Minister of Defence in person, Mrs Alliot Marie (doc) were sent to the first Court ; but the Minister's letter had not been transmitted on to me and of course, I couldn’t cross-examinate the document and settle down the true with the evidences. This is a breech of the respect of the adversarial principle.

I appealed. While fighting at Court, I received anonymous instructions to attend a psychiatric clinic. The police even came to my apartment buildings to collect information (access code, apartment location, etc) in order to let come in a misled medical team. The Ministry wanted to confine me in a psychiatric institution in order to hide the case and to justify the minister’s letter agreeing on my compulsory psychiatric sick leave and dismissal with meticulous erroneous details. Crucially, I was fired before her arrival at the ministry, therefore she couldn’t be a witness. I was summoned by the police (doc), but I went away and met expert witnesses in psychiatry instead : these doctors - experts in the field of mental illness - confirmed I was fine (doc). After having ruled my case for 18 months, the Court of Appeal pretended that I was late in my appeal application, and didn't statue on the documents and the evidences. I was not late in appealing (doc).

The highest Court established that the previous Court was in the wrong, but wrote that the justice system would be in danger reopening the debates...The tribunal didn’t take into account my dossier on its merits which is discriminative. It didn’t take into consideration the reports from expert witnesses in psychiatry saying : I cannot see any psychological disorder in this lucid, well informed, fit and balanced lady (doc)(doc). The highest Court didn't mention nor rule on any of the main core points - as if they were not included in my claim.

The final French Administrative judgement - like the first one - is discriminative. Regulations have not been properly applied neither by the French administration department, nor at Courts.

At Penal Court, the judge did not show me documents submitted by the opposing party, but only misleading documents from the Ministry. My children did not meet a judge, though their complaints were recorded. No judgement has been sent to them. My daughter is an ex pupil from the Légion d’Honneur school, rewarded by the golden medal for her studies.

The European Court only examines folders having fulfilled with home-country applications. The highest French Court said that I had complied with the French regulations see (voir page 5). But my case was purposely routed in a wrong progress of application. The decision has been signed by only one judge which means it has not been cross-examined. My request has been rejected by the European Court with a pre-set standard reply as those not having fulfilled with home country applications. The European Court is sitting in France. The President was French. The association Top Alerte has denounced this wrongdoing.

French Courts ignored the international agreements that documents must be issued. Judges ignored my requests to obtain key documents. The withhold of key documents by the ministry was enough for Courts to rule in my favour. The ministry didn’t issue several documents including but not limited to :
• the report that initiated the compulsory sick leave and was written by the occupational health physician without even having seen me. She didn’t set up an appointment, she didn’t have a consultation with me, she didn’t meet me
• during 2 years, the various documents from the same occupational health physician also established without seeing me. These were transmitted to psychiatrists in order for them to rule compulsory sick leaves.
• the medical health committee’s decision establishing a compulsory psychiatric sick leave for 11 months, including 8 months backdated.

My alleged mental illness declared by the office, is not supported by any psychiatric fact and assessment whatsoever.

The final French Administrative judgement - like the first one - is discriminative. Regulations and laws have not been properly applied neither by the French administration department, nor at Courts, which is discriminative.

I haven't been abble to assert my rights on account of a deep breech of the respect of the adversial principle.

III - Now

I took part on March 13th 2019 to the National debate launched by the government. I asked the facilitator to support me and to forward my case to the President Macron. He said yes. But up to now, the power hasn’t contact me.

What is unbearable in Russia is unbearable in France. Not to help me, though I spared public money, gets very expensive for everyone, giving way to repressive methods against honesty and efficiency in the public services. A solution for me represents savings by the government and a step towards democracy. What else do you require ?
The financial harm is still there : suffering and a low retirement. Those who have exercised repression against me benefit from the generosity of the Republic, with very comfortable pensions, have not been the subject of any criminal conviction and even are decorated with the Legion of Honor. My story looks like the Dreyfus affair on some points. Ex first minister Lionel Jospin participated in the 2022 legislatives and presidential elections, but he didn't write even a short column to help me recovering my rights.

Honesty and efficiency matter.

Thanks for your support. I demand to be rehabilitated, to receive compensation for all the wrongdoings, and a fair retirement.


Florence JARRIER
37 Bd Ornano
75018 Paris

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Savings.pdf False bill example.pdf Mrs Alliot Marie letter wirh annotations.pdf
Expert witness in psychiatry report.pdf Functional Re-education Rehabilitation doctor report.pdf Cabinet head letter with annotations.pdf
Confinement Attempt.pdf "Error" in 2nd jugement.pdf Inconcitensies of Mrs Alliot-Marie.pdf
Main grounds at the Highest Court.pdf

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Florence Jarrier at a conference of the National debate.

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Réseau HEM : Affaire Florence Jarrier, Pourquoi la presse locale s'est-elle tue ?

It's a scandal. Unbelievable!

I'm all for accountability of government.

This could never happen in Britain.

Et dire que l'on est dans le pays des droits de l'homme et du citoyen ! J'aimerais connaître la suite qui sera donnée à cette situation.

I absolutely support Florence Jarrier in her pursuit to hold accountable the bureaucratic thugs who have cost her job and reputation.

Une nouvelle affaire Dreyfus

Soutien total à Florence pour la reconnaisance de son intégrité pour le rétablissement de ses droits

MAM est quelqu'un d'abominable

Le fonctionnement des services de l'état est indigne.

"Selon que vous serez puissant ou misérable" observait La Fontaine. Pouvons nous affirmer que nous sommes dans un "état de droit"

Pourquoi ne pas se présenter en politique comme maire ou député. Je crois que tout le monde votera pour vous

Tout mon soutien

Je ne suis malheureusement pas surpris de cette histoire. Qu'est devenue la terre des droits de l'homme.

Une situation comme la vôtre est vraiment inadmissible. L'Etat français est complétement à la dérive.

No comment.

Merci pour votre intégrité.

Ce que vous exprimez-là fait froid dans le dos et rappelle de bien sombres moments de notre histoire.

j'ai honte pour mon pays et les membres de ma famille morts au champ d'honneur.

Dans votre intérêt, ayez toujours en mémoire la phrase qui dans le film "le guépard "est prononcée par le prince Salina "il faut que tout change pour que rien ne change »

Marre de ces politiciens qui pompent le fric et qui nous demandent de faire des efforts pour la dette qu'ils ont faite eux mêmes : détournement voyage etc

Ce que vous exprimez là fait froid dans le dos et rappelle de bien sombres moments de notre histoire.

Pourvu que ce gouvernement soit viré...

Tout mon soutien est accordé à Florence Jarrier dans cette affaire.

Au vu des pièces exposées j'apporte mon soutien tant comme citoyen que fonctionnaire.

Bon courage, votre affaire est une honte pour un pays comme le nôtre.

Inadmissible. 6ème puissance économique mondiale et pays des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen.
Désolant...Bon courage !

Si vous aviez participé aux détournements de fonds et au gaspillage des fonds publics, vous auriez eu au moins une promotion. Visiblement, être intègre ne paie pas. Qu'elle est triste, notre France !

Révoltée et outrée que des procédés de cette sorte soient encore en vigueur à notre époque et que cela ne soit pas traité dans la presse à grand tirage

Where justice, fair treatment and liberty are deprived it threatens us all. We should never give in to those in power who abuse their position and try to brush aside basic human rights, they are the servants of the people and must be held to account. It seems inconceivable that in a modern European democracy this can happen but it has and we must not accept it.

What happened to Florence Jarrier is not only cruel; it's also unlawful and against of interest of general public. It must stop immediately.

Au lieu de décider des augmentations de taxes quand l'argent manque il vaudrait mieux traquer les gaspillages et les détournement comme l'a fait Florence.

Après une carrière médicale, je croyais n'être étonnée par rien et je découvre avec stupéfaction qu'il puisse exister une affaire de ce genre en 2007 !!!

Avec tout mon soutien, il est des combats qu'il faut mener.

Bientôt on va même avoir honte d'être français !

Give this poor woman justice!

Tu es sûre que c'est en France que cela se passe ? L'action se situe au moyen-âge et pas dans un pays démocratique !!!

L'odieuse réalité dépasse la fiction

I hope that this petition helps persuade the French Government to treat their former employee in an honest and fair way by reinstating all her Pension entitlement and other benefits.

La France doit de la justice a ses citoyens et citoyennes, et a ses serviteurs loyaux, y compris Florence Jarrier. Sans cela elle n'aura le respect ni d'elle-même, ni de qui que ce soit.

How can an honest citizen be treated in such a scandalous manner?

Vistos los documentos : Deben compersarla con todos sus sueldos impagos y compensar también el daño moral que le han hecho. ¡La justicia no debe esperar !

Bon courage à vous.
Je vous souhaite toute l'énergie dont vous aurez besoin pour faire face à cette épreuve et ne désarmez pas!

Bien peu de personnes ont la force morale et les moyens intellectuels pour se battre sur le long terme, telle Florence JARRIER dont je salue le combat et la dignité extraordinaires.

Being released from a job being well done is hard, but to be released under the auspices of mental imbalance is unquenchable.

J'espère qu'un jour l'honnêteté, la droiture, la compétence seront enfin reconnus, dans l'intérêt de la France et passeront devant l'intérêt personnel et ses magouilles politiciennes.

I support Florence Jarrier fight.

J'ai honte que notre pays fasse la morale à la Chine ou autres alors que nous ne valons pas mieux.


Je reste sans voix.

The slander ensuing is unbearable.

Please rectify the situation and let the lady live in peace.

The injustice imposed upon Me. Jarrier must be corrected. The good name of Me. Jarrier must be restored. The procedures used to prosecute M. Jarrier must be corrected.

Je ne signe plus de pétition depuis longtemps, mais je ne peux rester indifférente à votre cas et ce qu'il représente.

Un dossier en béton ne sert à rien contre la corruption.

The story unfolded on this web page is a terrible injustice and something I did not think was possible in the so-called civilized world.

Honte à notre gouvernement qui cautionne de telles situations.

Ce gouvernement est pourri.

Pour la justice et le droit du travail

A sorry tale indicative of a sorry system. Well done for making a stand !

Nous sommes vraiment gouvernés par des cons qui osent tout. Chère Madame bon courage à vous !

So much for liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Le divorce entre le public et les "élites" se creuse !! élite dans la forfaiture, ces gens n'ont jamais honte.

C'est une honte ... écoeurant !

People like you are needed to stand up to corruption in high places.

Je me fais un devoir de transmettre votre pétition à tous mes contacts.

Votre histoire est tout simplement scandaleuse.

La justice ne doit pas être dictée par l'anti-scandalisme.

Les choses changeront....Courage, tenez bon, JUSTICE VOUS SERA FAITES!!!

A complete injustice that must be corrected

This urgently needs to be rectified for the sake of all people.

Merci pour votre partage et vos compétences.

Votre histoire m'impressionne par les méthodes employées à votre encontre et qui sont indignes d'un pays comme la France!

We must all oppose such bureaucratic dishonesty. Nous devons tout nous opposer à tant de malhonnêteté bureaucratique.

How appalling!

Lamentable, honteux, révoltant.

Si tous les hauts fonctionnaires étaient comme vous, personne n'aurait besoin de se serrer la ceinture.

Cela en dit malheureusement long sur un certain fonctionnement de nos administrations où il est, à l'évidence, préférable pour y faire carrière de fermer les yeux sur les gaspillages, sans parler des détournements simplement scandaleux..

Bloody disgraceful example of megalomania by dishonest, unaccountable, self-serving, politicians and their bureaucrats.

Qu'attend on pour rendre justice à Florence Jarrier?

Bullying takes different forms at different levels, none of it can be excused , those who fight it should be supported.

Courage et perseverance, tôt ou tard même les plus pourris finissent par rendre des comptes.....

Aucune déficience mentale chez madame Florence Jarrier que j'ai rencontré et avec qui nous avons échangé longuement.

Je soutiens de tout coeur Florence Jarrier qui a fait tout ce qu'elle pouvait pour être au service de l'Etat de façon irréprochable.

When criminality starts running the court system and government, the society is on the way down. What hurts some will end up hurting everyone.

Quite disgusted, in this, especially from a government that has shown it can make huge savings...

Cette oligarchie qui est au pouvoir depuis trop d'années ne supporte pas que l'on dénonce ses combines.

I abhore corruption and abuse of power wherever it may occur.

Let justice be seen to be done for this lady!

C'est une situation honteuse qui me donne la nausée. C'est un exemple flagrant de la corruption qui gangrène la France. Face à cette situation injuste et irrationnel, j'ai honte d'être Français


Bravo Madame d'avoir eu le courage d'agir selon votre conscience. Votre acte est un exemple à suivre pour tous. Merci aussi de montrer qu'en France, il existe encore des personnes intègres refusant la corruption malgré l'énorme prix à payer.

Je n'arrive pas à croire que le pays des droits de l'homme vous ait fait une chose pareille... Bon courage !!!

Disgusted by this story and abuse of this person

"Quand on veut se débarasser du loup, on dit qu'il a la rage"... Bravo Madame et courage. Respect et Tendresse.

It is hard to believe that authorities in a seemingly civilised western democracy can get away with treatment like this.

la France est devenue une REPUBLIQUE BANANIERE, pire que certains pays d'Afrique.

Je vous soutiens sans avoir besoin de lire vos commentaires. Ce pays est tellement pourri à sa base. Heureusement j'ai changé de nationalité.

Je n'ai plus confiance dans la justice et la presse de mon pays d'origine.

It seems so sad that this lady should suffer in this way in a country with such a proud history and reputation for fairness and justice.

This seems to be a Kafkaesque example of bureaucratic malpractrice.

Comment ne pas être en accord avec vous.

President Macron must ensure that her case is fully and openly investigated.

A scandalous abuse of power.

Quelle honte!

Disgusting Behaviour Scandalous. Keep up the good work

Appalling lack of justice. The French Government should be ashamed

This reduces France's reputation. The matter should be investigated independently and transparently.

It is almost inconceivable to me that such blatant abuse of power can exist unrectified in La Belle France.

Croyez en vous, votre histoire est juste et a le devoir de se faire entendre.

Tous pour la justice !!!

Je suis contre tout contrôle gouvernemental et toute répression.

Is this really the France of the 21st Century?

Endemic corruption is a scandal !

Impensable et dégoûtant. On marche sur la tête !

Claire, net et précis. Pas à discuter.

C'est effectivement digne du KGB. C'est honteux et inadmissible.

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