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Florence JARRIER

37 Bd Ornano

75018 Paris

Paris, March 31st 2023


Monsieur Emmanuel MACRON

Président de la République

Palais de l’Elysée

55 r du Faubourg St Honoré 

PARIS 75008





Dear Mr Macron,



It is imperativr now to make savings to good use.


As a civil servant in a French administration department, part of the ministry of Defense, I refused to help my superior in appropriating part of the budget for his own personal purposes and I also managed a procurement department taking good care of French public money. My superiors found that my honesty and efficiency were a problem. To get rid of me, the minister declared that I was mentally ill and dismissed me. Nevertheless, all the psychiatrists thought I was fine. All the personnel representatives refused to get involved in my dismissal.


The Human Ressources department dismissed me without any unemployment allowance nor pension. They did not take in account my honesty nor my efficiency, nor that I was eager to work. The staff manager took a medical decision though he was not a doctor and he built a faked folder. The decree declaring my dismissal is based on an agreement of employees’ representatives which does not exist. It takes into account discriminative letters. My work assessments and the expertise of the psychiatrist commissioned by the ministry of Defense testify of my important devotion for work.It also noted that I was in no case aggressive nor vindictive and that my intellect was of an excellent level.

You cannot say that justice is independent. Under influences no Court examined my file except the French administrative Court who copied arguments from the letter signed by the Minister of Defence in person to endorse its decisions. At that time, this document has not been transmitted on to me and of course I did not have a chance to convey and prove the true.


My internet website more information.


The true must be said.


I ask you to let me be reinstated and get compensations. I would appreciate you facilitate an independent and public review of my case. The French citizens would want to know the truth and only the truth. The exposure of the wrongdoings from many contributors and organisations can only benefit France to become a country where corruption and misconduct among politicians and high-ranked civil servants is finally put to a stop. I trust this would fulfil your objectives.


Yours sincerely




Florence JARRIER